About This Website

I started this website in late 2018 after I read A Farewell to Ice, discovered positive feedbacks and realised we had years not decades left to sort out climate change.

Since then it has morphed into a record of my thoughts and calculations on many aspects of climate change. I check claims and ideas from both sides of the debate and try to review them in a balanced, skeptical way.

I have a maths degree, so I'm reasonably confident I've got my calculations correct. Additionally my reasoning and sums are peer-reviewed by various brainy, skeptical friends including Dr Jonathan Woolf, senior maths lecturer; Alex Zeffertt, masters in climate science; Dr Neil Wilson, physics PhD; Dr Andrew Fitzgibbon, top compsci.

I am grateful to the following friends for their help with my understanding: Prof Chris Pickard, professor of physics; Jonathan Shanklin, emeritus fellow at the British Antarctic Survey; Stephen Hartley, maths degree.

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I also work on VoteClimate.uk.

Love and courage!

Ben Horton

Cambridge, UK.

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